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on June 18, 2013

Soap LAb

Throughout this blog I will tell you how to make soap with these instructions.

Anytime in the lab area saftey goggles, aprons, and gloves should be used. Also tie hair back and wear apropriate shoes.                                                            sl rubberglove


Next thing to do is to get all your ingrediates together for the lab.

sl ingredients

now its time to begin the soap making progress!!

Step one:measure out 250ml of water into erlenmeyer flasksl weigher

Step 2: mass NaOH in a weigh boat (make sure not to touch)




Step 4: mass 1g of sugar and add it to the erlenmeyer flask

Step 5: melt oils if necessary, then measure, and combine all oils into a 400mL beaker.

sl oil+

Step 6:next slowly poor the two mixtures together, stirring throughout the process.

Step 7: Keep stirring to create a thick paste. This could take a while so it is suggested to use a handheld emulsifier.

sl mixing

this also can be a good time to add a color or scent.

Step 8: pour the trace into a mold then wait 4-6 weeks to harden and mature to lose its alkalinity.

Step 9: Clean up using water and return matierals and wipe down lab station.

Step 10: USe your soap and experiment with different colors and scents and molds next time!!

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