My chemistry portfolio!

How do we do science?

on June 18, 2013

People “do” science everyday of their normal lives.  From hair dressers mixing dyes to create the correct hair color all the way to high tech scientists who build rockets, anyone can do science. In our chemistry class, students preform labs multiple times a week that help to build our knowledge of the vast science world.  We have made soap, silly putty, roasted marsh mellows, and even popped popcorn.  All of these activities force us to learn how chemical reactions take place and much more important information.  Sometimes we mess up during a lab, most of the time it’s because I didn’t follow directions.  No matter how much you mess up, you can always start over.  That is one of the great things about experimenting! For example, during the silly putty lab, my first attempt came out to be watery slime. After measuring my materials more carefully, I successfully created silly putty.  One great thing about science is it is all about facts.  Unlike other subjects in school such as English, opinions don’t matter.  If one does not get the correct amount of a substance, the result will not come out as planned.  Scientists are always learning from their mistakes.  Some of our greatest inventions have been discovered by accident.  Exploration is a huge part of science.  Coming up with new ideas and hypotheses are vital to discovering more about our world.  Science is not always easy and straightforward.  Especially in chemistry, math plays a big part.  Maybe  you have to use the gas law formulas or convert grams to moles.  Finding the solubility or balancing equations, they all involve a little bit of multiplication or division. At the beginning of the year, I though chemistry as being just mixing chemicals that are different colors and watching them bubble.  Turns out it’s a lot more than that and A LOT more complicated/confusing.  Now that it is the end of the year, I am filled with more scientific knowledge.  To be honest, chemistry was really hard for me and I do not feel like I did my best in the class but YOLO.

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