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Do Veggies Save Lives?

on June 4, 2013



I read a science article that linked vegetarian diets with mortality.

Three New Words: Hypertension- elevation of the blood pressure

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian- a vegetarian diet including dairy and egg products

Pesco-vegetarian- a vegetarian diet including seafood

Two Breakthroughs:  1. According to a study involving a group of 73,308 men and women, non-vegetarian and vegetarian, the adjusted hazard ratio (HR) for all-cause mortality in all vegetarians combined vs. non-vegetarians was 0.88, or 12 percent lower, according to the study results.

2. Vegetarian men had a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality and IHD death.  However, the results showed no changes in women.

Interested in this subject? Read this other article!

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