My chemistry portfolio!

Popping Popcorn

on April 5, 2013

Mass of 10 unpopped kernels (g) 1.71 g
Average mass of 1 unpopped kernel (g) .171
Volume of 10 popcorn kernels (mL) (use water displacement method) 3.76 L
Average volume of 1 unpopped kernel .376 L
Mass of 10 popped kernels (g) 3.92 g
Average mass of 1 popped kernel (g) .392 g
Mass of water lost (g) (difference between popped and unpopped) (g) .142 g
Moles of water lost (mol) 1 mol water

1. Popping popcorn involves heating up kernals and shaking the container in which they are in. We did this in class using a hot plate and beaker.
2. When you heat the kernals, the water inside evaporates because of the heat. This creates pressure inside the kernal that eventually makes it pop.
3. Some kernals don’t pop because they burn before tey can crack. This is due to lack of movement of the container.
4. In the kernals, the pressure was 4.67 atm.

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