My chemistry portfolio!

How do we know about the building blocks of matter?

on December 3, 2012

Scientists who lived long before we do discovered the building bocks of matter.  The building blocks of matter are atoms, the little molecules that make up evrything around us, including us.  Avagadro was a great scientist who will always be remembered for is discovery.  Avogadro’s number helps us to find moles of an atom of an element.  His discovery is still used in chemistry class today. It helps us to figure different elements moles.  Scientists all over the world use this equation to find moles, 6.022 * 10^23.  The electron configuration is also involved.  The electron configuration affects the behavior of an element by giving off a wave length, or the distance between two peaks of the waves.  A “happy” atom will have eight valence electrons, this is referred to as the octet rule.  Electrons often jump from orbital to orbital by absorbing and releasing energy.  When the electron jumps to a lower level, a light spectrum is made giving the appearance of color. The building blocks of matter is the basis of chemistry, and without Avagadro’s number, scientists wouldn’t be able to make the discoveries they do today.

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