My chemistry portfolio!

About me

on November 6, 2012

I was born a scientist. I am curious about the world, and I use my inquiry skills in horses.  In order to remain safe around these large animals, I have to be quiet and calm.  If I make a sudden movement the horse may become scared and spook. Winter time is the most difficult when it comes to caring for horses.  They do grow a thick winter coat, but I have to put blankets on him to keep him warm.  There are different weights of blankets, just like there are different weight jackets.  Too heavy of a blanket could cause him to sweat and then freeze, and too light of a blanket could cause him to shiver.  Riding a horse is more complicated than it looks. I have to make sure I remain relaxed, so my horse is too.  I control every move he makes, so I have to be paying attention at all times.  Taking care of a horse takes a lot of time and effort, but it eventually pays off.

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